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"Spreading the Love and Message of God One Shoebox at a Time"




            Once again, we would like to express our appreciation to ALL OF YOU! You all never cease to amaze me how faithful you are to support the Christmas Shoebox Ministry. We can't say "Thank You" enough. We appreciate everything you do for this ministry each year. It would not be possible without   your support. We just happen to be the ones God chose to deliver them. We couldn't deliver them if you didn't provide for us. As always, your support was a great success. Isn't it wonderful what God can do through us, when we all work together? This was accomplished through 36 Concord Union Baptist Association Churches, 6 Churches not in our association, several WMU & Children's Groups, 2 youth groups, Sunday School classes and numerous individuals. This ministry would not be possible without your great support each year.  Again, we would like to say how much we appreciate your donations.

"God never calls us to do anything without faithfully keeping His word and enabling us to do it. We are not always faithful to do what God tells us, but He remains faithful and stands by His word to fulfill what He has promised.

 Isaiah 46:11"

In 2017 we collected 2106 shoebox gifts for children, some adult gifts, blankets and throws, crochet throws, crochet caps, numerous school supplies, lots of candy, used coats, new & used clothing, new toys, stuffed animals and numerous miscellaneous items.  It always works out, we just leave it up to Him and He provides exactly what we need!  We were able to purchase 350 - 20-pound bags of flour, 350 - 10 pound bags of pinto beans, 350 - 48 ounce bottles of cooking oil, 8 cases of apples and 8 cases of oranges. Over the last few years we have come to realize that the food items are just as important as or more so than the gifts. It is hard to believe that within the United States that we have people that do not have food to eat. Most of us can probably say that we have never seen a time that we didn't have anything to eat. It may not have been what we wanted at the time but there has always been food in our pantry's or our freezers. If not, we can just run to the store and get whatever we want. We just don't realize how much we take for granted and how blessed we really are. This has really begun to open my eyes, we probably throw out more food than some people have to eat. So, to each and every one that donated money to buy food items, Thank You! You have helped to feed 350 families for a couple of weeks or more. We appreciate you, and I know the Native American people appreciate you also.

 "If God tells you to do something, He will give you the energy, talent and resources to do it.  Where God guides

 He provides"

We had a good trip this year, with good weather. Thank God for that. We had 42 people on the trip this year, representing 10 different churches. On Monday we met the people from some of the different churches to pick up their gifts and food items. This is a very busy day for us. Unloading and loading up everyone trucks with gifts and all the food items. We had worship services on Sunday and Tuesday, at two different churches, both nights. We had so many with us we decided to split up and have two services. Then on Wednesday night we were all back together at one church.  We had 11 people that prayed for salvation this year. Praise God! This is what it is all about. Yes, giving the gifts helps to spread God's love, but it is all about planting seeds and sharing the love of Jesus. Glory Be to God!   After our Worship Service, we were able to pass out candy, gifts, throws and school supplies. The children received their gifts, school supplies, an apple, an orange and candy. Adults received gifts or throws, apple, orange and candy and also and their food items. So, God Bless each of You that participated!

          Also, we dropped off items at a shelter for children.  We try to provide items to as many as we can, where they are needed the most. We let the Lord lead us and He always opens doors, and leads us to where He wants us to provide them.   

          This year we fixed backpacks for homeless people that we may see along the way. We saw one homeless man and gave him a backpack with a bible, food items, water, toiletries, socks, blanket & a pillow.

          There just aren't enough words to begin to express our appreciation. Your dedicated support for this ministry each year is amazing. Without each of you this ministry would not be possible. Wonderful things happen when we all work together for God. This ministry keeps growing and growing with God's blessings. But all of this is because of people like you who take time to make gifts or collect items or give money. It is all because of your support!

          Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! I know the Native American people thank you!  We really appreciate your support!  Please begin praying for this year's ministry. We really need your prayers each year. Satan likes to work on us to try to keep this ministry from happening. Your prayers and God's guidance keeps us going.

          Again, we appreciate each and every one of you! You have been a part of making a lot of happy children and families this year, by sharing the Love of God to them. Maybe something we do or something in the shoebox gifts will one day make a difference in their lives.


Thank You and May God Bless You throughout this New Year.

Serving in Christ,

Harlin & Karen Knight and many others.


For more information contact Karen at 318-368-0173 or 318-267-4788